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Wall and Harden will appreciate having him as both a moving target and a looming threat in the dunker’s spot, to say nothing of the corner-three assist opportunities his dives will help generate. Last year, Detroit shot 44.1 percent from the corner with Wood in the game, up 3.7 percent from when Wood didn’t play. (From 2015 to 2018, only James averaged more corner-three assists per game than Harden and Wall, who tore his Achilles the following year.) Minnesota Timberwolves Face Masks

Securus charges more than $14 for a 15-minute call in several counties, according to rates provided on the company's website. Tylek's organization has asked Securus to lower its rate for a 15-minute phone call to 75 cents. In 2018, she and other advocates successfully campaigned to make phone calls free for inmates housed in New York City jails. Memphis Grizzlies Face Masks

And in Dallas, Stars interim coach Rick Bowness wore a mask while observing practice from an empty bench. At 65, he wasn't taking any chances. Oklahoma City Thunder Face Masks

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Assuming that Wall hasn’t completely forgotten how to maestro a pick and roll, whenever Wood partners with the five-time All-Star, opponents will swallow a stick of flickering dynamite dropping the big and trailing over (or ducking under) the screen. The Pistons averaged a whopping 1.17 points per possession whenever Wood dove to the basket. (Only Sixth Man of the Year winner Montrezl Harrell ranked higher last season among players who set at least 600 picks, according to Second Spectrum.)

The Rockets and the Sixers have had no substantive talks about a potential Harden deal, sources said. New Philadelphia president of basketball operations Daryl Morey, the Rockets' general manager for the previous 13 seasons, has said he has no intention to break up the Sixers' All-Star duo of center Joel Embiid and guard/forward Ben Simmons. Cleveland Cavaliers Face Masks

"But we'd still like to have a blend of AD playing at the 4 as well as playing at the 5. Our ability to shift back and forth last year in the playoffs was pivotal and important to us winning the championship. It's something that we'll balance again this season."

All things being equal, a manager would start their best players every week and fill out the rest of their lineup based on things such as matchups. However, all things aren't equal.

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